The Coagtech Advantage

At Coagtech, we leverage historical data, operational insights, and engineering knowledge to prepare customized machine learning (AI) models to help operators optimize their coagulant chemical dosing decisions.

These model recommendations can:

•reduce stress on operational staff,
•provide assurance to dosing decisions,
•increase reliability of treated water quality,
•reduce coagulation chemical use by up to 20%,
•reduce environmental impacts from treatment residuals.


Each phase is summarized with an engineering report detailing the findings

System Evaluation

On-site process review, including identification of any process blind spots and data integrity issues.

Preliminary model development is completed during this stage to assess feasibility of implementation.

Model Development and Implementation

Development of site specific models using treatment plant historical data.

Customized hardware with no internet connectivity integrated within existing SCADA system, introducing no additional cybersecurity risks to the plant

Annual Maintenance

Address process and source water changes.

The model performance is evaluated and re-trained with additional data, improving model accuracy and preventing model deterioration.

Designed with Operators in mind